About Animal Golf®
Get in THE GAME.  There's ONLY 1 Animal Golf® 

The Complete Animal Golf® Game

The Complete Animal Golf® Game is a 12 Animal game set (Original and Expansion Pack) representing the 12 main identified hazzards and pitfalls that a golfer would most commonly encounter while playing the game, without regard to skill level. Inside the game packaging you'll find 12 durable plastic game tags with 4 tag hooks. The front of each game tag depicts the Animal and what it represents. The back of each tag lists all Animals and what they represent. U.S. MSRP is $39.99.  Complete rules, decisions, and updates are available here online for realtime viewing and/or printing.

Suitable for all ages and skill levels (even our PGA Tour Pros make mistakes every weekend on Live TV), the objectives of playing the Complete Animal Golf® Game are to help golfers have fun, relax, promote good play, avoiding course hazards and pitfalls, while strengthening one's course management skills, and overall knowledge and love of the game.   

Game History

First introduced in the 90s, The Original Animal Golf® Game set sales records selling for around $20.00 in the United States and abroad.  It was the original Trademarked and Copyrighted on-course TAG PASSING Wagering Golf Game.  The Animals in the original game represented the 4 basic hazards associated with playing golf:  Out of Bounds, Water, Sand, and 3-putting.

More recently, The Animal Golf® Expansion Pack was released.  The additional 8 Animals included represent what was missing with the Original Game, the rest of the main golf hazards and pitfalls.  Together with the original 4 game tags, The Complete Animal Golf® Game provides an incredidibly fun way to play rounds of golf, while promoting smart decisions that lead to a better overall golf experience.

On-Course Wagering

When played as a wagering game, Players should agree on the penalty value of each Animal Golf® Game Tag before beginning play, and define the end of play whether one hole, two or three in a row, or each nine.  Value these game tags using money, food, a round of drinks, or anything else you decide.  Some play the game for money, valuing each game tag at $5.00 for example.  Tags can also have varying values.  Some play for who buys the next round on the course, lunch and/or drinks after 9 holes and at the end of 18 holes.  In a group of more than one foursome, you could create a pot where a single winner takes all.  Be as creative as you wish. 

During play, a Player receives the Animal Golf® Game Tag that matches the hazard or pitfall when the Player makes a golf stroke resulting in an event described on the Game Tags.  It is possible and common to receive more than one Game Tag resulting from the same stroke.  A Player receiving any Game Tags keeps them in their possession until another Player incurs the same hazard or pitfall, AT WHICH TIME that Game Tag passes to the latter Player, just like a game of golf hot potato.  Players having the fewest Game Tags at the end of play WIN the game accordingly. 

Player Comment:  "...easy, fun, outrageous at times."